Friday, May 19, 2017

Fiction Friday: Mrs. Somebody Somebody

Mrs. Somebody Somebody by Tracy Winn

By turns funny and sad, the linked stories in Tracy Winn’s debut collection, Mrs. Somebody Somebody intersect in surprising ways. Winn draws us into the last sixty years of a mill town where her unforgettable characters are down on their luck, but making the most of it. 

The man-crazy young mill worker of the title story forms an unexpected friendship with a mysterious co-worker; a plucky immigrant child finds faith that her sister will return safely from Iraq; and a secretive old bookie has reason to hide a fragment of bone in his pocket. Connecting all is the Burroughs family, whose stately home holds years of unspoken compromise and regret. In clean, sensuous prose, Winn delivers the truths of our experience, and illuminates the grace that connects us all.

“Deeply satisfying, subtle, intelligent, and beautifully crafted . . . Tracy Winn writes with clarity and keen perception; her stories come together like a mosaic to create a compelling, deeply textured world.”—Kim Edwards, author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

“A rare achievement . . . Winn’s characters struggle with unexpected losses and damaging habits . . . always questioning the hard truths that hold them in place.”—Atlantic Monthly

“When characters are brought to life with such vibrant nuance, they continue to live far beyond the page.”—Thisbe Nissen, author of Osprey Island

“Fans of literary fiction will savor Winn’s powerful debut.”—People, four stars

“Excellent . . . high on the list of must-read story collections.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review