Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LibSearch on OCLC WorldCat, Part 2: How to Access a Journal Article in 4 Steps

The RGO LLC has thousands of academic and trade journals available in subscription databases. 

To find journal articles in LibSearch, use the ADVANCED SEARCH to add keywords and choose fields from the drop-down menu to narrow results. Click the title to open the record:

Follow this 4-step process to login and open the full-text of a journal article:

1) Click “View online” or “View full text” links on the item record

2) If off-campus, login with your library username and password

3) The page will redirect to the database that has the journal. A record will appear with a PDF file to access the full-text of the article.

4) If the page does not redirect, click the "Check eResources" link to find the database that provides access to the journal. 

Use the name of the journal or title of the article to search in the LLC's A-Z list of publications:

Still having trouble getting access to full-text? Click here to search directly in the LLC's EBSCOHost research databases.