Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Visit the LLC for Snapshots of Alberta Culture!

On Friday, September 26th the LLC celebrated Alberta Culture Days with a Human Library, talk by Aritha van Herk, and displays including posters of BVC students. 

The project was a team effort by LLC staff members. A library assistant, Vren Lagadi, took photographs of students in coordination with Daljeet Mann, one of the library assistants responsible for event planning in the LLC. Eric Moschopedis, an award-winning artist who also works part-time in the LLC, completed the poster design and layout. 

The concept behind the display was to provide visitors with "Greetings Around the World." Each student wrote a greeting in their native language and held it up in the "snapshot."

Students with Russian, Iranian, First Nations, and Korean backgrounds were among the volunteers to share a greeting in multiple languages and scripts including Farsi, Punjabi, Arabic, and Mandarin. 

The Snapshots display is a reflection of the diversity of learners in the RGO Library & Learning Commons, where staff members are dedicated to helping students improve their English conversation, reading, and writing abilities through drop-in Literacy Clubs and providing support in developing their computer and research skills

These posters are still on display on the second floor of the LLC for staff and students to view. Come by the LLC to view the display and see the many versions of "Hello" at Bow Valley College!