Thursday, October 16, 2014

Living Library Event: 2014

RGO Library & Learning Commons

in collaboration with

Calgary Public Library


In the Living Library you borrow Living Books, real people with whom you can have a conversation.  Living Books share stories of their lives in a welcoming environment, and you learn about diversity in your community.

Date: Oct. 29, 2014

Time: 10:30am-12:00pm 

Venue: Student Space- 2nd Floor, BVC North Campus

Living Books Available for Checkout:

Asian Professional in Canada

This Living book tells a newcomer story of his career path in Canada.  Although he came to Canada as an experienced professional, with twenty years in geological / geotechnical field in the Middle East and South Asia, he still had to meet the English language requirements, to pass the Association Code of Ethics and to learn the Law in order to continue his career in Canada.  His path was not easy, but his story will stir you in the right direction in finding your own career path in Canada as a newcomer and/or a new graduate.

Body Language: The Indian Head Wobble
This Living book tells a story of cultural heritage behind the Indian head wobble, which looks like a cross between a nod and shake. What does it actually mean? Is it a nod of approval or disapproval? This book almost did not get her job because during the interview she was – unconsciously – wobbling her head. This, her boss clarified later, had caused him quite a lot of distress!

Minority of the Minorities:  Celebrating Uniqueness
This Living book has once read an article that there are three demographic groups that are discriminated against the most: immigrants, lefties and the gay.  She is all three of them; she's got a trifecta, as they say.  How does one with "trifecta" survive in a new country and even enjoy life?

Modern Female Nomad
This Living book will help you accept self, others, and the world the way it is, by becoming a "lover of what is." She contends that the key to a successful, fulfilled and happy life is you, and your own nature. Learn how to deal with stressful situations using a tool-based method.

Arts & Culture Adventurer
This Living book is an artist who shares his story of building community through theatre.  Born and raised in Calgary, he loves learning about the city that frustrates and inspires him. Let's talk!

A Journey to Citizenship: Passing the Frozen Landscape
This Living book was welcomed to her new promised land of Canada by a frozen river on a freezing February day.  A fear of this icy, harsh environment discouraged the initiation in her long anticipated new life; however, she persisted in following her plan, and now she shares her story of discovering the warmth in the Calgary arts and culture scene that enabled her to acquire different perspective to life and see past the frozen landscape.