Friday, August 1, 2014

Fiction Friday: The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth 

In life's brief game to be a winner
A man must have...oh yes, above
All else, of course, someone to love.” 

The Golden Gate is a brilliantly achieved novel written in verse. Set in the 1980s in the affluence and sunshine of California's Silicon Valley, it is an exuberant and witty story of twenty-somethings looking for love, pleasure and the meaning of life. It was awarded the 1986 British Airways Commonwealth Poetry Prize.

Praise for The Golden Gate

"A splendid achievement, equally convincing in its exhilaration and its sadness."  -- New York Times

"The great California novel has been written in verse (and why not?): The Golden Gate gives great joy."  -- Gore Vidal

"While the idea of a novel in verse may be initially off-putting, readers of this tour de force are in for a treat. Using the sonnet form throughout, and varying his language from lyrical elegance to timely vernacular, Seth's tale of four California Yuppies is as fully dimensional as a good novel, and twice as diverting....Seth's experiment is a resounding success."  -- Publishers Weekly
Review:  A novel in sonnets: Vikram Seth’s The Golden Gate