Thursday, August 14, 2014

Calling all Cultures...Volunteer for the RGO LLC's Human Library Event!

Did you know students and staff at Bow Valley College come from 115 different countries and speak 98 different languages?

The RGO LLC will be celebrating this amazing diversity on September 26th as part of Alberta Culture Days. We are holding a Human Library and calling on BVC staff and students to participate! 

What is a "Human Library"?

A “Human Library” is an innovative method of supporting dialogue and interaction between individuals and groups in order to promote understanding and reduce prejudice.

What is a "Human Book"?

A Human Book can be anyone willing to share their cultural background and experiences! Here is how the Human Library Organisation defines a Human Book:

"Human Books are people just like you and me. But for different reasons they are subjected to stereotyping and prejudices. They are open about who they are and prepared to share their experiences...A Human Book is an example of how people can be, if only minds are open long enough to find out who and what they really are. But before anything else, they are courageous people that stand by their convictions and are willing to discuss their values with others. As in books are most, they are wise."

The RGO LLC knows the BVC community has a lot of wisdom to share with others, so we are encouraging its members to showcase it with us!

This sounds great! Where do I sign up?

To volunteer as a Human Book, or just learn more about this event, please fill out this online form. Or email us at 

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