Friday, October 4, 2013

Living Library Event

RGO Library & Learning Commons in collaboration with Calgary Public Library organised Living Library Event on October 2nd.

The Living Books shared their stories of hardship and triumph in the face of tremendous obstacles.

Globetrotting Retiree
This Living Book has traveled widely and lived abroad for periods of up to a year in the Czech Republic, China, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia and Russia. Adjusting to life in other cultures provides both challenges and comedy, and he has experienced and enjoyed both.


How We Grew Up Without a Mother
The Living Book from Kabul, Afghanistan. In 1982 his mother and his baby brother died when a rocket hit their home during the war. Their family became separated because it was difficult for his father to work and care for six children. He  shared his family’s story, and describe his life in Canada.


Stroke Survivor 
This Living Book shared a story of survival after a stroke and how he is leading a normal life.

Arts & Culture Adventurer
He is an artist who uses theatre to build community and to explore the world. Born and raised in Calgary, he love learning about this vibrant city that inspires and also frustrates him. 


Out of the Shadow, Into the Spotlight!
This book had a brain injury on May 17, 1966 that resulted in the loss of sight.  He is very active in drawing attention to issues affecting blind people. In the past, he worked to allow service dogs into public buildings.

Event Organizers
Calgary Public Library and RGO Library& Learning Commons