Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Library User of the Month: Neil Tworek

June 2013 

Neil Tworek

3rd Semester, LPN Program

Books and learning have always played a special part in my life. And the best place to find information you need is in a library.  As a matter of fact one of my most valuable possessions I own is a library card.

When I was little I did not like to read. Fortunately I had a mother who believed in me. She bought me my first Archie comic when I was 7. I read every comic book she bought me until they fell apart. When I got better at reading she started to take me to the local library and I would spend hours there looking at picture books of dinosaurs, nature, and archeology. As I got older and started to further my education the library has continued to play an important part in my life.

The Bow Valley College library is a great spot to study up on material; you can hop on a computer to look up information. They have access to academic journals for research papers, resource material, and you can use a cubical to study quietly. The staff at the Bow Valley College Library are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable on how to use resource materials effectively and they can answer any questions you have about what the library has to offer.

I am in my third semester of the LPN program at the college and the library, along with the helpful staff, will continue to play a large role in my education.